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How it works

  • choose-chocolate
    Tell us your chocolate preferences.
  • door
    Choose how often you’d like your boxes sent. It’s free delivery and fits through your letterbox at home or work.
  • hand-pick
    We hand pick a box of 4 treats tailored to you. Cancel anytime.
  • computer
    Rate our treats when you receive them to tell us what you like and don’t like so we can pick things we know you’ll love.

our treats

We’ve been making innovative & award winning chocolates for the last 20 years supplying the best stores in the country.
We were the first in the UK to make chilli chocolate and have been having fun with great chocolate ever since.
Check out some of our popular treats:

Join thousands of other chocolate lovers just like you

  • Minimal packaging, made to preference, just wonderful chocolates

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  • I like the variety in the treatbox and also the surprise to see what is in the box each month.

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  • I treat them as special and just bring out one little packet for an evening. Much better than scoffing a whole bar of regular chocolate.

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our manifesto

Disheartened by the world of chocolate on the high street that is more concerned about long shelf life, retailers margins and what the box looks like, we’ve gone back to our roots: making chocolate that tastes great.
But there’s too much chocolate snobbery, it’s to be enjoyed and eaten, not revered.
Eat chocolate for pleasure and without guilt.
Treat yourself. Its all about balance.
Surprise and delight are our aims.