….keeps the doctor away…. Or is it an apple a day? Well, let’s not split hairs! There are some things that are good for you. Good in the sense of good for the soul, good for happiness. Things that make life a little better we think.

We believe that a little treat here and there can make an everyday moment a little special. Just so long as you don’t overdo it. Maybe a gooey salted caramel filled chocolate bar with a cup of tea. Perhaps a few intense espresso dark chocolate beans as a mid afternoon pick me up.  The excitement of exploring a box of chocolate goodies dropping through your letterbox.

Of course, here at Chocolate Treat Club we think chocolate makes a great treat, but a quick poll around the office reveals a few other treats enjoyed by members of the team: a candle lit bath, an early morning walk when the air is crisp and fresh, 20 minutes away from the bustle of the children to practice some yoga. Whatever it is that makes you happy, just take a few moments a day to indulge yourself. A little of what you fancy does you good. It could even be a delicious, crunchy, sweet apple.


One of my favourite little treats (having a bit of sweet tooth…) is a good flapjack. Almost any flapjack is good as long as its not dry. Gooey and oaty with crispy bits round the edges are the best. Yum. And I do like to experiment with new ideas so am always on the look out.

Whilst out on an after school cafe run with the children the other day inspiration came: we chose a flapjack, florentine and cookie. (You need an after school treat right?) We always share, and so eating the florentine and flapjack got me thinking, why not combine a flapjack with a florentine? So the Flapentine was born (or maybe the Florenjack?).

Back home later we rustled some up! We took a tried and tested flapjack recipe and added a few extras. Here’s the recipe we created. They didn’t last very long...


250g butter

250g light brown sugar

4tbsp golden syrup

300g jumbo oats

125g glace cherries

50g whole almonds

30g candied mixed peel

50g dark chocolate drops/ buttons


  1. Melt the butter, sugar and golden syrup in a saucepan. 

  2. Stir the oats into the melted mixture. using jumbo oats gives quite a flapjack that can fall apart a bit. if you prefer use 1/2 jumbo oats and half regular porridge oats

  3. Chop the cherries in half, roughly chop the almonds and add with the candied peel to the oat mixture

  4. Stir together with the oats and pour out into a 20 by 30cm cake tin. Some people grease and line them but I can’t be bothered. Spread the mixture out and level it.

  5. Scatter the chocolate drops evenly over the top.

  6. Bake in the centre of the oven at 170C for about 30min (until golden and bubbling).

  7. Remove from the oven and allow to cool for about 15 minutes. cut into pieces of whatever size you like and then try and leave in the tin until cold before removing. I usually skip this step, try   and remove whilst warm and then have to eat all the broken crumbly bits….

  8. Store in an airtight tin once cold and try not to eat in one go.


When I started making chocolates 20 years ago I did this out of a simple desire to create something that made people happy. Chocolate was the perfect vehicle for my creativity to express itself with an end result that people loved. Since then my aim has always been to surprise and delight through the medium of chocolate as I’ve made delicious pralines, sumptuous truffles, gloriously topped jewel like bars and sometimes surprising chocolate combinations.

Chocolate Treat Club was born much more recently as I recognised that in our busy, hectic lives we all need a little treat from time to time. Those little happy moments are often the simple things - a good cup of coffee shared with a friend, a few minutes outside enjoy the sunrise, an autumnal walk through colourful trees or sitting by a roaring fire. Often for me these treats include a favourite food and who doesn't love to receive an exciting package in the post?

So the idea of Chocolate Treat Club as a regular delivery of delicious chocolatey surprises came about. Not as a box of chocolates that compels to have "just one more” but a selection of “treats” to brighten the day. It's all about those special moments that make life better. My aim is for Chocolate Treat Club to brighten as many lives as possible in all that it does.


Founder and Chief of Chocolate Joy


Maybe a little... You might have seen some postings from us advertising our new Chocolate Treat Club. Maybe you signed up or possibly you were a little suspicious, after all nothing good comes for free, does it? Well, hey yes it does!


Chocolate Treat Club was started with the idea of getting the chocolate we love to make directly to our customers to try. It’s about making a connection and starting a conversation with you about what you like, don't like, would love to see more of.

It’s also for us to talk about the ethos of our chocolate making, what we have to offer and the reasons behind what we create. We’d like people to taste something they maybe wouldn't have previously have thought to try, to enjoy delicious, quality handmade chocolate and to experience the thrill of getting a surprise in the post.

And most of all it's about sending you a little something to make you feel special and treated. So come and join our club, it’s free and we’d love to have you!

And if you find you love all of those things then you could upgrade and try out our TreatBox - a regular chocolate delivery subscription service, where a specially selected box of treats is sent to your address for you to experience and enjoy.